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To Blog or not to blog?

Oh! Hey there,

My name is Sukhman and welcome to my first blog post:

To Blog or not to Blog ?

For many years now, I have been on and off about starting my personal blog. To be honest, I did start one in 2016, but I gave up on it not too long after I published my first post. I guess, my mind wasn’t quite in it. However, I am here now and I have been told to  make it happen.
To help you understand somethings about my page, here are a few quick questions that I would like to answer:

Why Blog?

I made a checklist consisting of all the reasons as to why I wanted to write a blog and to my surprise, I came up with a few good reasons.

  •  I love sharing my experiences and it’s a bonus if those experiences can help someone in any way
  • I think blogging helps you become a better writer and reader (wink ! wink !)
  • The only thing stopping me was the fear of being judged by others but I think it’s time to let that fear go. Writing makes you confident, so have I heard
  • Highly believe it’s a good platform to meet people with positive and strong mindset

Where did Sukhiwonders come from ?

Sukhi is short for Sukhman. It’s a name given by my friends and family. Not that I had any choice but I like it as well. Sukhi in Hindi means happiness, in case you were wondering.
I wonder all the time about a lot of things. Everything around me makes me curious and ponder upon its existence in the first place. That’s where SUKHIWONDERS came from.

What is this Blog gonna be about?

This is a lifestyle blog which will include my personal experiences and opinions. Currently, I am on a mission to explore so be prepared to read all about my weekend expeditions.
Fun fact: I am a huge nature lover. Expect to see most of me goofing around mountains, trees and lakes.

I have a thing for sunsets

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  1. What a fantastic intro

    1. Thank you so much ☺️

      1. Your very welcome dear

  2. You are too good!! Keep writing and spreading positivity. All the best 😀👍

  3. You are too good!! Keep writing and spreading positivity…All the best 😀👍

    1. Thank you love ! ❤️

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