3 Things You Must Do In Mississauga if you love nature

I have been living in Mississauga for 2 years now and what I love the most about this city is it’s Urban-Nature balance.
Caution: It’s tough when you don’t drive and it’s especially tougher to get around this city if you have no one to drive you. You could be waiting at the bus station for hours. But if you’re up for the hassle, here are a few things you could do in Sauga:

1.) Port Credit

If you’re looking to spend some quiet time by the waterfront away from downtown Toronto, Port Credit has parks like JJ Plaus and JC Saddington. The parks are very well maintained and allow a lot of walking, bicycling with a lakeside view.

JC Saddington Park in winters

The harbour by the park lets you watch boats travelling on the lake Ontario. You can also rent charter boats for fishing and/or other leisure activities. Port Credit Memorial Park is a great setting to take your kids for a picnic and the Port Credit Waterfront is probably the best public space I have seen.
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Quick note: Port Credit is about 24kms away from Toronto’s Harbourfront and is now turning into a noisy spot just like Toronto’s lakeshore.
On the other side, Port Credit has a lot to offer to the visitors and locals of Mississauga when it comes to urban lifestyle. There is a variety of restaurants, cafes and stores that you can check out on in this area. You must visit one of the restaurants on a Friday or Sunday night to experience the music and entertainment. My top picks being Door Fifty-Five and Crooked Cue.

2.) Rattray Marsh

You like hiking and do not wanna travel towards Hamilton? Check out Rattray Marsh.
Rattray Marsh, a no bike zone, has a very nicely built wooden walkway and the trail leads you towards a beautifully conserved environmental wetland. We took the pedestrian entrance from Bexhilll road and continued on the waterfront trail. From fresh air, wildlife, forest like trail and pebble beach, everything about this marsh is absolutely breathtaking. From what I saw on the map, it is a long trail if you start your hike from Jack Darling Memorial Park. However, that’s on my list.

I mostly went there for a sandy beach experience. I wasn’t expecting to find something so beautiful in an urban city like Mississauga. I have been traveling so far to spend some time in the nature not knowing that an environmental gem exists so close to me.

3.) Kariya Park

Kariya Park is located, just off the Burnhamthorpe road, only minutes away from Square One and is a treat for those who live in the area. If you love being outdoors and just want to enjoy the nature, look nowhere else. Although it is a very small park and finding parking can be difficult, Kariya Park is a gorgeous Japanese themed park. It has a pond, a Japanese kind pavilion and is home to a number of plants and trees. It is famous for it’s cherry trees.

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It is nearly magical that this gem exists in the middle of busiest part of Mississauga. The walk in this park is serene. The best time to visit this park is late April when it’s cherry blossoms are blooming to their fullest. Nonetheless, it’s beautiful in all other seasons as well.

Nature. Cheaper than Therapy – Anonymous

Fun Fact: From what I have read, there are about 9 parks on the shoreline of Port Credit itself and each park has to offer a different experience.

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