How I Traveled Around Vancouver in 6 Days

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama

Mostly, like everyone else, I have always wanted to travel but it wasn’t until recently that I actually went on a trip. Figuring out where to start from was a difficult situation however, I knew it was only fair to explore Canada before flying to a different country. So here I was, with some guidance from my cousins and a little self pampering mindset, making my first trip to Vancouver back in May 2018.

Day 1, Saturday:

Kid you not, the view of Vancouver that I saw from my flight was absolutely beautiful.
I lived in Surrey for 6 days which is approximately an hour away from Downtown Vancouver.  My first day included a lot of touristy sightseeing around Vancouver city.
Relaxing was the main idea as I had Flyover Canada and Canada Place to explore that evening. I noticed parking wasn’t an issue, but it also could’ve been just a lucky day. FlyOver Canada offers you a breath-taking virtual flying experience. The ticket price is $33 per adult. Before the actual ride, there is an Uplift show by Moment Factory The video gives you a pleasant view of Canada.

On a side note, phones or cameras are not allowed beyond this point. Flyover Ride was definitely not what I expected. The seats are elevated with your feet dangling in the air to make you feel like you are flying from one coast to coast. I had tears of joy throughout the action because I could feel the wind in my hair when I was over the Rocky mountains and valleys, smell the urban environment of Newfoundland and Alberta, be conscious of water droplets on my face when the ride took us over Niagara Falls, Muskoka and Lake Ontario. At the end I was in awe of the beauty that Canada’s environment and landscapes hold.
Click on this link for a list of all the scenes included in that ride

Day 2, Sunday:

The day that I Bungee Jumped. Yes, you heard that right! My cousin and his wife drove me to Whistler where I jumped from 160ft. Till this day I can’t believe I, for real, went through with it. All thanks to my bungee master, Matt.

After my jump

Whistler is again only an hour drive away from Vancouver and 2 hours away from Surrey. Parking was not an issue at Whistler Bungee. However, do not forget to book your spot a day earlier or two as they tend to be really busy during the season. For first-time jumpers, the price is $140 per person.
Wanna watch me jump? Click here
After the Adrenaline filled jump, we headed over to the Whistler Village where we decided to take the Gondola ride called Peak to Peak. The ride helped us witness the majestic views of mountains and clouds. Due to the snow in the area, the rides weren’t being taken all the way to the highest peak which was sad. Nonetheless, it was still pretty high and gorgeous up there.

Lastly, on our way back to Surrey, we stopped to look at Porteau Cove Provinicial Park and Shannon Falls Provinicial Park whereby the former featured waterfront views with mountains in the background and the latter exhibited a waterfall covered in a forest with a series of cliffs.

The above video was taken at Porteau Cave

Day 3, Monday (Victoria Day):

Early morning alarm called for a trip to Lynn Canyon Park. Lynn Canyon’s being one of the top tourist destinations only meant it would be a little too crowded on a weekend made us not want to take on this hike. However, I did manage to cross the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and see the wooden walkways that were built to make the park easily accessible.
The plan for this day was to hike up to the Mount Seymour Provincial Park which has lookout points with views of Vancouver. In spite of the park being open, we were told that there was clear ice everywhere which left the trail unsafe for everyone to use. It was not too long after that we decided to let this one go.
Nevertheless, I went horseback riding instead. It was a last minute plan but totally worth it. We found a ranch called Leghorn located in Pitt Meadows. An hour horse back ride at the ranch will cost you $65 per person. The beginner trail had amazing and natural views. It was quiet, peaceful and also included a little stream crossing to add difficulty and fun for horse back riders. I have always loved horses and it was quite a unique experience.

Meet Sage

Day 4, Tuesday:

One thing I like to do when I travel is to keep at least a few hours to do basic things like sleep and Netflix, catch up with old friends and shop at a local town centre which is exactly what I did.
After sleeping and shopping, Quarry Rock, located in Deep Cove, hike was to be followed. It is approximately a 45 minute hike to the top. Parking is tough to locate in this area but once you find it, remember to be aware of the signs along the Panaroma dr. that indicates you to take the Baden Powell Trail. Indeed, a tiring yet safe trail built with wooden walkways and stairs. There are a few times we came across maze of tree roots but it was mostly man made walkways. At the end of the trail, we arrived at the Solid rock which provided us with a magnificent waterfront view of the north shore.

Baden Powell Trail to Quarry Rock

Caution: Stay on Baden Powell trail. We somehow ended up taking a different trail on our way back assuming that it would be faster. Although, this route was full of adrenaline and fun, it wasn’t safe at all. I hike a lot and I can say it wasn’t easy for me as I consistently kept looking for something to hold on to. This trail is steep and slippery during rain.

Day 5, Wednesday:

BBQ at the Lake was in store for the most straightforward day of my trip. Cultus Lake near Chilliwack is a perfect place to take your family out for a picnic on a sunny day. It has a freshwater lake for those who love to swim with a scenic forest covered mountain view. Water sports and campgrounds are available in the area. I must say weekends would be better to hit this spot.

Cultus shenanigans

Day 6, Thursday:

This day requires a post for itself so keep a lookout on my next few blogs. I saved the places that were most recommended to me for the last day of my excursion:

  • Gastown
  • Stanley Park
  • Seawall
  • English Bay

I know these pictures do not justify the beauty of everything I saw but I wanted to only post pictures taken of/by me taking on Vancouver in those 6 days.
Fun Fact: At one point, I made up my mind about moving to Vancouver permanently. The beauty of the hills and mountains have taken over me.

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