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Feel like Picking Flowers and Produce in October? Check this Pick your Own farm just outside of Mississauga

It’s windy and cold out there today but it sure wasn’t like that for the past few days. The Thanksgiving weekend brought with it bright sunlight at 27 degrees. Least I can say that the summer was gorgeous while it lasted. Never knew I’d feel this way since I boast too much about being a Winter person.

However, with the trees changing colours and Halloween just around the corner, we can see the shift from summer to fall outfits and pictures of pumpkins everywhere. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Leaving the beaches and turning towards the farms to be thankful for this blissful year. Love how every season teaches us to adapt so effortlessly.

I bought that apple basket for $4

For all the Mississaugans, there is a beautiful scenic farm just 30 minutes from Square One, where you can pick your pumpkins, apples, berries as well as purchase all kinds of wine and frozen fruit. To my surprise, they have flowers (mostly dahlias) in bloom at this time of the year.

Andrews’a Scenic Acres is located at 9365 – 10 Side Rd in Milton and the the drive itself to this farm is beautiful. As soon as you get off the highway and take right onto the Esquesing lane, you know you’re in for a treat.

The admission rate is $5, $10 and $12 per person for weekdays, weekends and special holidays respectively. In addition to “Pick your own fun”, the price includes wagon rides, playground fun for the kids, straw mountain climbs, corn maze and a beautiful background.

Obviously, I wasn’t able to get a sight of sunflowers, lilies or blueberries but it was a pleasant sight to see flowers in various colours in this season. At the moment, you can pick your own flowers for $1 for a stem or $.80 for 10+ stems. The Pumpkins are available for $0.49/ lbs and the gala & McIntosh apples are being sold for $1.50/ lbs.

The ladies in the bakery are very kind and helpful. They listen to your inquiries and questions very carefully and try their best to provide information about the farm.

To get more information on What’s to Pick around the year, please visit their website.

Casually goofing around the hay bales. I even made a Slow motion video (Bollywood style). Ask for it?

Pumpkins were heavy so I posed with a gourd instead

You think you got the talent?

Fun Fact: I don’t know how I feel about picking flowers. The act of removing a flower from it’s flower garden feels weird to me. But, I keep flowers in my room at all times. Long after they die. I know that’s unhealthy too.

If there’s anything you’d like to know or would like to join me on my visit to a different farm next weekend, feel free to email me.


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