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Living with Anxiety | What is it all about?

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and liking my posts so far. So, the tagline for my site says: Nature | Travel | Lifestyle | Everything in between
What is this “Everything in Between”? Well, whenever I feel like I have a desperate need to talk about a personal opinion or a general topic of debate, you’ll find it in my “Everything in Between”. Today, I would like to start by sharing a few things about Anxiety which I have dealt with for as long as I can remember. That being said, this post is not fixated on my personal struggles and I’ll keep it strictly to an overview of what it is all about.

What is anxiety and how are they different from anxiety disorders?

Everyday, we come across people who are sad or feel anxious. It’s completely normal to have some kind of anxiety but when that emotion starts interrupting one’s daily life it’s got to be taken seriously.

The biggest difference between day to day anxiety and anxiety disorders is that the disorder stays with you all the time meaning the emotions of fear and nervousness never go away. There are various kind of disorders such as panic disorders, social anxiety or phobia, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

Anxiety Disorders by CAMH

Signs You May Have Anxiety by Health Magazine

I can only talk about what I know personally but if you wish to get familiar with the causes, symptoms and ways of helping a loved one in trouble, please click on the links above.

What are people with anxiety disorders not telling you?

(Please note that it’s not necessary for everyone with anxiety issues to have the exact same problems. The following points are based on my personal experience)

Constant Panic.

It’s not just butterflies in the stomach that they feel before taking a test or prior to giving a public speech, anxiety has way more to it than just a common fright. Panic attacks are usual with distressing symptoms of breathlessness, escalated heartbeat, dizziness, unhealthy sleeping patterns, hyper tension or nervousness, excessive sweating and numbness. Stop for a minute and imagine feeling all of that at once. The worst part I believe is that most of the times there is no specific incident triggering the mind because the agitation just strikes every now and then.

Self-Doubt and Indecisiveness. 

Persistent Self Doubt is a common attribute to anxiety. The guilt of speaking their mind or standing up for themselves makes them chatter nervously and even simple decisions like watching a movie, going out to a party, reading a book seem huge in the moment. The fear of letting people down makes it impossible for them to say no leading it into an overly busy and/or confusing schedule for them. Furthermore, lack of self-confidence and annoyance builds a communication gap between families, friends or significant others. Keeping quiet seems more rational to escape mental pressure of failing to explain how unworthy and incapable of relationships and peace they deem themselves to be.

Social Anxiety. 

Fear of being judged and/or embarrassment is bad enough to stop them from making a simple one-on-one conversation at a social setting. Every moment it’s like all eyes are on them which brings out the ugly awkwardness and shyness. Deemed to be an extrovert maybe, but on the inside they are suffering with self consciousness about everyday situations which has severe impacts on personal relationships and mental health. They face a limited social life because their mind constraints them into turning down invitations. They always need re-assurance of being wanted when it’s just their mind juggling and throwing concepts of self-worth, self love and social acceptance at them.

It’s Painful

What they don’t say is how genuinely it hurts, emotionally and physically. The emotional pain of always being stuck in the middle of a problem that nobody else seems to see or understand and the physical pain of recurring headaches from stressing, overthinking and balling their eyes out is unbearable. As a matter of fact, all the chemical reactions that are prompted by such sentiments lead to an overall weakened immune system. I, personally, break out into a rash whenever I stress or think too much.

For Mental Health Services and information in Ontario, call 1-866-531-2600 or visit Connex Ontario’s website.

I always add a little fun fact at the end of every piece I write but honestly, there is no fun fact when it comes to anxiety.  Next one will be about misconceptions around mental health and things you shouldn’t be saying to those surviving mental health issues.
Feel free to message me if you’d like to give me some points for my blog and help me understand more about mental health. Stay healthy !
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