Tips On How To Motivate Yourself On "Off" Days

Hi everyone. Hope your week’s been good so far. I have had a stressful day so I am going to share with you a few ways you can keep yourself motivated on those awful “off” days we all dread.

Be it stress, illness, mental health issue, mood swings or anything else, we all have those days where our motivation to wake up in the morning falls to an all time low . Indeed, we are all familiar with moments where nothing seems to be happening the right way and the sheer point of everything seems questionable. You just lie on your bed all day, in frustration, wondering where you went wrong.

How about some tips for staying motivated during such times?

Wake Up, Dress Up and Show Up is my motto for days when I am sad. Don’t turn off the alarm or hit the snooze button. Rather take your time but wake up. Dress appropriately, especially when you’re spaced out, because the way you dress depicts how you feel about yourself and your overall mood. Wearing lazy apparel will not help so get the sassiest outfit from your closet, put it on and give your self-image a confidence boost.

Yup, just like that.

Set and share an objective. Think and review what needs to be done. Sure, don’t go to work but set a goal for example get your groceries, learn to cook a new recipe, apply for that job you want, read a book, pen down your feelings etc. Don’t try to do finish everything and prioritize. Even if it is small and simple, set one specific task for that day and complete it. Trust me, nothing helps to get through an off day like sense of achievement does. Furthermore, let someone know about this goal. Nothing works more for determination than having to answer or be held accountable about your results. Face it, talking to someone about the problem will always be a good idea.

Relax and have fun. It’s easy to be hard on yourself when life seems to be tough so remember to relax. Don’t over-think and just focus on your goals and positive outcome of the hard work. It’s important to realize that not being okay is also okay. Love yourself and appreciate the fact that you’re trying. Let loose and enjoy the process of reaching the goal. Dance, sing, go for a drive and do everything that makes you happy. I, personally, go shopping or find a new restaurant to try new food at.

Don’t let Social Media get to you. There are tons of images, videos all over the internet that can make you feel worse about your situation. Either sign out of your accounts if you can’t stop comparing yourself with others or focus on the positive articles. Watch inspirational vlogs and learn how people get over such days. Watch how to videos on something you want to learn and start moving. Try something new.

There’s a lot more you can do with discipline and self love. Just be kind to yourself and everything will be just fine. If you have other ways of finding ways to stay ambitious, please let me know. Always looking for methods to enjoy every moment of this life.

Fun Fact: Music’s my escape. Although I am a bad singer, I sing at the top of my voice and sometimes even record a few audio notes.

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