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Hi everyone!! First things first! A lot of you asked me why I haven’t written in a while so I’d like to inform you that it was only because I had been busy with my mom for the past two weeks. She is here from India and will be staying in Canada for about 3 months. Isn’t that exciting?

With Toronto’s weather becoming colder, it’s time to find activities that my mom can enjoy and painting is an obvious choice. I have been to a paint night before but it was a first one for my mother. Now, that you have a little background in regards to my mom’s arrival, here is my review about the paint night with Studio Escape.

Studio Escape hit my radar through it’s Instagram feed @Studio.esc where engaging and informational posts about the events and benefits of art in general are posted. I had a conversation with the owner, Arshi, before attending “Finding my Zen” and unlike a few other event organizers, she displayed care and concern towards my questions.

All-Inclusive Price Package

What intrigued me the most was the price point at Studio Escape. They charge $40 per person including food, soft beverages and the paint supplies. In comparison to the other paint nights, you don’t have to purchase drinks or food on top of what you’ve already paid. Did I say taxes are included?

FYI, you can use my code “10SUKHI” to get a 10% off for any events hosted by them. The code doesn’t expire until December.

Visit their Website at to get more information about their private events and parties.

Delicious Food

Being a foodie that I am, I absolutely loved the food. Afghan Cuisine has always been one of my favorites for the simple reason that spice is life defining for me. The quantity of the food was ridiculously awesome and filling as well.
Moreover, the food’s served properly on a table where everyone can sit together, eat and chat at the same time. Don’t worry about having to eat quietly in the painting area with the fear of spilling drinks, food or paint all over you. Does it sound organized yet?


Peaceful and Calming Ambience

Trying out new things can be nerve wrecking some time. Painting’s no different for a beginner. Sheer embarrassment of painting something ugly can always prevent you from expressing your ideas.
Arshi, the owner, confirms to a relaxed atmosphere. Throughout the evening, she kept stressing on how the event is focused on having fun and not just developing painting skills. Step by step instructions are provided and if needed, Arshi, waits for everyone to be on the same page. That being said, complete freedom is given so go ahead and add your own touch to the painting and break the rules, if that’s what you like to do. I am sure, my mom enjoyed that the most.
Also, at any point you feel like your art-piece needs to be rescued, you can ask for help without second thoughts. It’s interesting to go around and see various interpretations of the same artwork.

My Mum added a house, some birds and a kayak to her Zen

To conclude, I recommend Studio Escape to everyone and encourage families to take their kids and attend one of their events. Arshi, is a mom who quit her job to with her kid. Now, she’s doing this full time with a few other ladies like herself. Click the link below for a list of their future events:

Upcoming Events at Studio Escape

Fun Fact: I, certainly, have no artistic vein in me but if you need to find me, you know I’ll be at Studio Escape trying my luck out.

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