Toronto To Get It's First Snowfall This Week, Says Narcity Canada


Credits : Narcity Canada

Yes, you heard that right folks and it came from Narcity Canada first. We probably will get hit by the first snowfall of this season On Wednesday, October 17th this year as temperatures fall below freezing point. Weather to feel like -5 degrees that night.

Are we in for some flurries or not yet?

I don’t know how I feel about it but to say the least, I am not surprised. The weather change has been very dramatic this year. Summers came early and set record high temperatures by September. Damn right, it was hot and humid.

Amidst the heat, Torontonians suffered wind storms that created absolute havoc in and around the city. People died, trees fell,  power was out, road signs lost their ground and condo residents had to say goodbye to their furniture as it swept off from their patios.

 Read more about May's wind storm in this article by BlogTO

Ryan Flanagan, a web journalist at reported Farmers’ Almanac forecast for 2018’s “very,very cold winter”. Nasty, rigid and not at all short winters are expected for Ontario this year. Now, the question is how bad is it actually going to be? The weather forecast has not been so accurate this past year but anyhow we know Winter’s coming and it’s coming early.

Time to pull those winter boots and tires out. Prepare for it now rather than regretting later. Stay warm everyone!

Fun Fact: Narcity Canada is my most favourite media channel and I follow their articles religiously. 

Featured Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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