Thoughts You Get When Your Best Friend Is About To Get Married

Crazy how time flies. One day you are attending classes in school, joking about failing exams and the next day, here you are, planning your girl’s bridal party.

Weddings are always fun but when it comes down to your best friend tying the knot, it’s not just like any other wedding. This occasion tends to be a whirlwind of emotions from joy, laughter, happy tears, sadness, confusion and satisfaction all in a state of peace. It’s indescribably special when a close friend gets married.
Folks, my best friend is about to get married in January next year and all of it feels strange, yet amazing. So, here are the thoughts I have been getting (assuming most of us would) on my best friend’s marriage :

  • “I am so happy for you”

I found out about the news a while ago but till this day, the surprise and disbelief numbs me. Every time I am with my friend, I catch my puppy eyes staring at her like I’ve never seen her before. Seeing her happy fills me with overjoy and pleasant sentiments. I am so proud of her decision and delighted for her.
Doesn’t matter which friend’s getting married, if you love them, their wedding glow will make you curl up and cry like a baby.

  •  “I won’t see her as much anymore”

The moment my friend called me and told me she is in love with a guy I have never met, that instant it struck me how it’s time to step back a little. How I can’t just call her whenever and make plans. The thought of having to share her time and the realization that she’s going to be busy with this new person was overwhelming but I knew it was for her good obviously. *Wink-Wink*
The feeling of losing your friend to someone else is definitely not the best but it’s just the initial phase. As the shock dims down, the scary feeling starts to fade away leaving us with just the happy thoughts.

  • “I am an adult”

This is going to be the first time that someone from my group of girls is getting married. Heck yeah! I feel old and grown up. The wedding planning had me acknowledge the fact that people my age are marrying and we are not teenagers anymore. We can’t just act like fools anymore I guess. Oh My God!! It is actually happening

  • “No, I don’t want to be the next one”

Well, if you are as close as I am with my friend, you know what I am talking about. The bride’s family wants to know when you are going to get married or if you have a boyfriend. Don’t even get me started on what your parents are gonna tell you when they get invited to one of the parties for the happy couple. Being a bridesmaid and next in line, if you haven’t found your man, you’re in deep trouble. Get ready to go on blind dates. (Joking but not really)

  • “Am I ever going to find my Mr. Right?”

Oh, I am happily single by choice but some times when I see my friend so madly in love, it makes me want to break my rules and go find my one true love.
No matter how ecstatic you are for your friend and don’t care about commitments at the moment, sensing all the love in the air will make you question your pathetic love life (applies to people like me). Decisions from the past will come to haunt you and concern you about your future. You probably will get sad about not having a date for the wedding or just not having someone to share these moments with.

  • “I just hope everything goes perfectly”

At this point, I just want to make sure everything happens the way this bride wants. I so wanted to be a part of every single activity leading up-to the wedding. Unfortunately, I can’t but that isn’t stopping me from pestering my friend about every single detail.
You just want your friends to be carefree and try to take as much pressure off of their shoulders as you can. There’s nothing worse than seeing the bride and groom running around stressing about their own function coordination. So, be ready to sign up for any task you can and feel like the most obliging friend ever.

  • “Oh God, I am going to be broke”

Indian weddings mean a whole week of wedding shenanigans. The date’s announced so now what? Book your tickets, order and buy like 5-7 outrageous outfits, plan parties, go out on dinners etc. etc. Does it make you feel like broke yet? If not, it will once the wedding is over.
I think about money all the time. Can I manage everything on my own or is it time to get some daddy’s cash for rescue? Probably, second option is going to more like it but for now I am determined to save and trying not to think about expenses.

  • “I have to get my dance moves correct”

I am a dancer and my friends and family are aware of my love for performing. So, I have no say in whether I want to dance or not. Good for me that I love my friend so much that I want to dedicate a dance for her but I didn’t think it would be going solo in front of hundreds of people. Time to get that practice in.
Indian parties are all about dancing and drinking. You have got to know a little bit of those Jhatkas and Thumkas before you show up on the dance floor.

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Fun Fact : The wedding’s in India. So, there’s going to be a lot more posts about my home land in January. Stay tuned!

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