Winter Deserves More Appreciation and Here’s Why

If I was to go around and ask everyone to pick their favourite season, I am sure most would choose the balmy summertime. However, for me it’s always been Winter. For sure when I tell people about my love for the cold, they look at me like I am sort of crazy, so automatically I find myself amidst discussions as to why Winter needs more appreciation just like any other season.

Winter does not get it’s fair share of admiration because of a few reasons like how dark it gets early in the day, how harsh the cold winds are, how the melting snow makes the traffic worse and not to forget the accidents caused by black ice everywhere. I understand that it’s a lot of hassle around this time of the year but when is it not really? Every weather type conducts it’s own troubled patterns. Nonetheless the inconvenience, the million-dollar question is, what makes Winter so special?

Winter Fashion | Layer Up

Can you think of any other season where you can be clothed in sweatpants all day without being judged? Winter’s that perfect excuse to put on your most comfortable clothes whether you’re going to work or staying indoors. You can literally sport a blanket and no one would care. On the other hand, for those who like to dress up and be fashion icons, layering up couldn’t be anymore fun. You get to show your unique style with woolen scarfs, long trench coats, over sized sweaters, boots, hats and more. Get creative with styling layers on layers and stop complaining.

Winter Drinks | Hot Beverages Make Sense

I am a non alcoholic, no coffee sort of person who doesn’t even go near tea all year. Despite that, as soon as Winter arrives, the craving for Starbucks’ Chai Tea Latte gets real. More so, the warm seasonal drinks smell so much better in the cold. Even that quick $3 French Vanilla or Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru brings satisfaction. Literally, stepping outside the house to fetch a drink, knowing that there is slushy snow everywhere is so under-rated.

Where are my liquor lovers now? Please, are you really gonna tell me that chugging down a shot or just simply enjoying your wine isn’t better when it’s -5 outside? I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Winter Celebrations | Festive Vibes Everywhere

As soon as Halloween’s (I know Halloween is for fall) done, you know it’s time for  the Holidays. After all, Winter has Christmas and New Years. Once the temperature starts falling in November, people come through with their holiday decorations. Streets, trees and houses are lit up everywhere. Not to forget the Christmas markets that open up for public, way ahead of Christmas. No matter what festival you spent, Winter reminds you of the importance of family and friends and vibes of pure joy and happiness.

Winter Shopping |Holiday Sales

We all can agree on one thing that once Black Friday hits the stores, endless deals emerge for the what’s left of the year. Giving gifts is no less enjoyable than receiving them. So around Christmas you will find the best of sales. Bonus point: There are really amazing deals online at the moment so make sure you keep an eye out. 

Winter Sunrise |Crisp and Clean

Have you ever thought that you don’t have to be an early bird in order to see sunrise in Winters? Sun doesn’t show till 8:00 AM so no more feeling bad about missing it. Air’s much cleaner than summer or spring which means you have to worry less about the inhaling the pollutants. That crisp air is pure and fresh which you naturally realize as soon as it hits your face in the morning. I personally love looking out of my window every morning to spot the image of white snow all over the ground making the world look very beautiful and serene.

 Winter Binge-Watching | No Guilt

As they say, it’s never too early for Christmas or Holiday movies. Every year in November-December I relive my childhood with Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Disney movies. It’s time to catch up on some episodes of your favourite show you might have missed. Also, these so-called boring evenings are for hopping on the couch and reading that novel you’ve wanted to for so long or for trying a new hobby you’ve been thinking about. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Winter Escape | Summer Love

You wouldn’t love the hot climate as much if this unbearable cold wasn’t here to remind you of it’s importance. A trip to Florida or the islands feels the best when taken especially to get away from the freezing cold. As it is said, too much of anything is bad. So, when it gets too cold for you, remember Spring’s around the corner. 

Fun Fact: I love winters the most because of how much I get to stay indoors and just sleep. Also, when it’s snowing and there’s not too much wind, I love going on those late-night walks. The tranquility reminds me of hope and joy.

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