5 Lessons That We Could Use From Gully Boy’s MC Sher

“I went in the cinemas expecting to be all over Ranvir Singh’s Murad like always, but I walked out completely in love with SIddhant Chaturvedi’s MC Sher.”

Video Courtesy : Siddhantchaturvedi

I saw Gully Boy by Zoya Akhtar earlier this week and needless to say it is an exceptionally presented film by the entire team. Every performance in the movie is worth the praise, however there is one particular character that stood out to the world and that is none other than MC Sher played by Siddhant Chaturvedi. I went in the cinemas expecting to be all over Ranvir Singh’s Murad like always, but walked out completely in love with Siddhant’s MC Sher. Here are a few lessons I would like to implement in my life and try to become someone like him:

Caution : Full On Spoilers ahead. I’d recommend not reading the blog if you haven’t watched the movie

MC Sher is a popular rapper in the movie and Murad finds his inspiration when he sees MC Sher performing at his college for the very first time. I loved the introduction of his character where he stands up for his female co-artist who is being bullied by two goons in the audience. He calls them out on their Fake Mardangi (Masculinity) and just like that, there was my first lesson:

Speak up when you see something wrong. You never know who you might inspire by one act of kindness

Murad meets MC Sher at a rap battle for the first time whereby he tells Sher about his fondness for Sher’s talent. He timidly asks Sher to perform a song written by him since his own insecurity makes him question his work. Sher denies to use his song and encourages Murad to rap giving him an advice that if he is not capable of presenting his own words, then no one else will be able to do it from him either. There was my second lesson:

Encourage others to showcase their talent. Be Humble. Be the confidence that they need

MC Sher notices the raw talent in Murad and teaches him everything about the rap scene. He becomes the rhythm to Murad’s words. He pushes Murad to shoot his first YouTube video, prepares him for his rap battles and even helps him with the professional shoot with Sky (Kalki Koechlin). He teaches Murad how to use his weaknesses as strengths in order to stand tall when someone makes fun of him or tries to use his situation against him. There was my third lesson:

Help your friend see the greatness that they are able to reach. Let them fight their own fights but be there to support them every step of the way

One scene of the movie shows MC Sher’s family situation whereby it’s obvious that he has own struggles like an alcoholic for a dad. Not only does he smiles all the time making his life seem almost perfect but also helps others overcome their difficulties. That was probably what shook me the most. There was my fourth lesson:

Don’t let a few bad parts bring everything else down for you. Be strong and don’t let anything make you bitter towards your approach to life

Both, Sher and Murad enter into the rap battle whereby the winner gets to perform as an opener for Nas’s concert. They practice together and the friendship portrayed in the movie is beautiful. Murad wins this contest. For some reason, I was expecting Sher’s character to be hurt and do something negative at this point however, to my surprise, he stands behind him like a rock no matter what. Instead of being sad for himself, he shows absolute happiness for Murad and continues to help him just as before. There was my fifth lesson:

Don’t see your friends as some competition and worry about people outshining you. Life if about reaching your full potential and at the same time helping others attain their complete power

Courtesy : Siddhantchaturvedi

There’s not a lot of times where you get to see someone steal the scene whilst sharing the screen space with Ranveer Singh. Needless to say Ranveer Singh is my favourite actor but this amazingly written character by Vijay Mourya and Zoya Akhtar was outstanding for me personally. We definitely need more movies like Gully Boy in Bollywood and more personalities on our monitors like MC Sher.

Fun Fact: I am writing another blog post on my favourite lines from Gully Boy’s Soundtrack. TBH I hadn’t even seen the trailer before watching the movie but now I am in absolute love. I have been playing the album on repeat since I saw the movie.

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