Welcome to the second part of the series: Moving Abroad. You all already know my story but what you are not aware of is that I didn’t have anything planned prior to my arrival. “Let life take its own course” was probably my motto back then. Take it from me,Continue Reading

No matter how much I emphasize on the fact that I didn’t want to leave, I guess there was a part of me that always wanted to emigrate overseas and live independently. Hence-why, I am where I am today. On August 31st, 2018 I will be celebrating my third anniversaryContinue Reading

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama Mostly, like everyone else, I have always wanted to travel but it wasn’t until recently that I actually went on a trip. Figuring out where to start from was a difficult situation however, I knew it was onlyContinue Reading